Mike Volpe, CMO for Cybereason demonstrates how marketing helps the sales team advance their 50%+ Opportunities in the pipeline forecast

Mike Volpe CMO Cybereason - How Marketing Helps Sales Win Must-win Deals


Our guest on SBI TV is Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer for Cybereason. Mike is a who’s who among CMO’s.  Often called the “godfather of inbound marketing” for his work in taking inbound marketing from an idea to a movement of tens of thousands of people, Mike Volpe is one of the most sought-after B2B marketers.


Mike and I discuss how marketing can leverage ABM techniques to help the sales team advance their 50%+ Opportunities in the pipeline forecast.  To follow along, leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook and turn to the ABM phase starting on page 296


This is a powerful show where Mike shares his approach to opening up the forecast and looking at the must win deals. Turn to the 15-minute mark of the video to watch how Mike supports the 50%+ pipeline forecast with marketing support. If you would like to download the full transcript in a word document, click here.


Matt and Mike discuss how precisely Mike’s team makes this happen at Cybereason: “You want to be hitting multiple personas in different ways. We mapped out all the accounts that are currently in the forecast, and then we identified about six different plays, many of which work against these different personas that we have, and our goal, and marketing’s goal for the quarter is to run at least four plays against every account that’s in the forecast this quarter.”


Mike Volpe shares this point of view to describe the working relationship between sales and marketing for advancing a deal: “At a high level, sales is really the quarterback for any individual deal, and marketing is more of the offensive coordinator, setting up what the playbook is to help advance the deal. For enterprise sales, for big deals, the sales rep is more like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and they’re on the field, and they have a huge amount of authority to audible and run the offense.” 


To executive account based marketing, you must run different plays at the vertical level. One size fits all content is not going to advance an opportunity because the prospects within different verticals are trying to solve different things. Skip at the 13-minute mark of the video to watch Mike describe a specific example within the financial services industry.


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