As customers’ expectations and needs have shifted so has the role of Marketing leaders to not only acquire customers but to grow and retain them. In 2019, Customer Experience has become imperative to differentiate brands and to grow improve revenue. As a Marketing leader you are the first exposure a customer has to the brand and also the driving force that is the voice of the customer throughout your organization.

As a Marketing Leader, there are a lot of people in your ear on a daily basis. Your leadership wants you to drive more revenue, your sales leadership wants better leads, your customers expect more delivered to them with each purchase. The expectations of today’s Marketing Leadership is unrealistic and can often times disrupt your strategic initiatives which ultimately affects the one thing most critical to your long term success… your customers.


In today’s competitive marketplace it’s as simple as this.. Your customer’s experience with your brand and your products is what defines the role of today’s Marketing Leadership. A study done by Walker, a Customer Experience consulting firm, found that by 2020, Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for companies in the market.


Download the CX Design Framework Tool to help you run a comprehensive Customer Experience driven organization in 2019.


Not Sold yet on the Importance of Customer Experience Design on Your Organization?


  • Research done by Salesforce found that 75% of people now expect consistent experience wherever they engage with a brand. The same research found that 64% of consumers expect companies to interact with them without delay.
  • Data from Forester’s Customer Experience Index shows that improving customer experience improves profitability. They found it improves revenue growth of Customer Experience leaders by 5.1x that of laggards.
  • According to the 2017 Gartner Customer Experience in Marketing Survey, more than 66% of markets responsible say their companies compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. In two years, that number jumps to 81%.


With the growing importance of customer experience and it’s underlying benefits to revenue growth, it’s finally starting to get the awareness it deserves from Senior Leadership. However, based on our experience working with companies across industries, there is still a gap in expectations versus reality. Based on surveys from over 4,850 Executives, SBI has uncovered that on average, the two positions/employees closest to the customer view customer experience as critically important, yet believe their company struggles with this component of the customer relationship.


  • Marketing Leader: 2.63 out of 5
  • Sales Leader: 2.31 out of 5


Which leads to the next question you should be asking yourself as a Marketing Leader…


What is my role in driving successful customer experience in 2019 ?


Marketing’s Role in Customer Experience?


Often times the customer’s first experience with a business is through it’s marketing group. The marketing group is the first exposure a customer has to your company’s brand experience and is also responsible for managing expectations along each touchpoint of their buyer journey. Your goal as a Marketing Leader should go beyond the acquisition of new customers and focus on understanding how to retain and grow those customers.


To truly be successful with customer experience, it is not a one person nor a one group operation. It must be embedded in every facet of your organization and it must be a companywide effort. The biggest reason customer experience initiatives fails in organizations is because the work is done in silos with fragmented effort.


The role of the Marketing Leader is clear. You must be the leader and the champion for your customers within the organization, an agent of change to optimize the way customers see and interact with your brand. It all starts with your customers. Without fully understanding your customers, how can you design experiences to support their needs?


Mike McCalley said it best during an interview with our CEO Matt Sharrers:


You can replicate just about anything. You can replicate a product. You can replicate a technology, You can replicate a service. But you can’t replicate an experience…


Customer Experience Design Framework for 2019


As a Marketing Leader, Customer Experience can be driven by you at the top and down throughout your entire organization. You have a comprehensive view of your customers and understand what they need and how they prefer to interact with important touchpoints.


Customer Experience Design must always begin with a strategy in mind. A Customer Experience approach requires a different kind of thinking across your organization with a customer first mindset touching all aspects of your business. It must start internally, by looking holistically across your organization at why customer experience strategy is important.


Download the CX Design Framework Tool to help you run a comprehensive Customer Experience driven organization in 2019.



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