On this week’s SBI Video Podcast, we spoke with Todd Doolittle, the head of sales operations at Concentra, a national leader in occupational health. Todd was recently appointed to this role after many successful years in other sales roles. Watch here as Todd shares the keys to success for a newly appointed head of sales operations.


Todd will begin the show by exploring the importance of the first 100 days. He’ll explain how he determined his biggest priorities, and also his biggest challenges. Also, he’ll discuss why it was important to create organizational confidence in the sales ops team right off the bat. He’ll dive into the specific challenges he faced, and how he overcame them as well. Essentially, he will walk our audience through how he was able to make an immediate impact at Concentra.


Next, Todd will tackle a critical issue faced by almost all sales ops leaders – lack of resources. Too often the sales ops budget is very limited, yet the expectations are high. Todd will provide 3 steps to overcoming this obstacle, and share insights on how to get a lot done with minimal resources.


Ultimately, you cannot blow your honeymoon period as a new sales ops leader. Watch as Todd explains how to best set expectations and create results with the sales ops team immediately. If after watching you need more help, download our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It also walks you through how to effectively set up the support the sales team requires to hit their revenue growth objectives.