On this week’s SBI Insider Video Podcast we take a look at newly appointed sales leaders. How can you be sure you make the most of your honeymoon period? The first 90 days are critical to your success. Watch as my colleague Andrew Urteaga, principal at Sales Benchmark Index, and I discuss sales strategies for new sales leaders.


We’ll start the show by dissecting a recently released blog, “5 Keys to Success in Your First 90 Days as VP of Sales at a Start-Up.”  We will review the 5 keys from them article, and give our thoughts on some critical aspects missing from the blog.


Next, we’ll tackle important topics like why you need a solid sales strategy in addition to the right people to succeed. We’ll also explain the difference between strategy and tactics, and the pitfalls you can run into by mistaking the two. We’ll wrap up the show by exploring what you need to do after your first 90 days as well.


Unfortunately the average tenure for new sales leaders is only 19 months. But there are several things you can do to avoid the same fate. Watch here as we discuss how to build your sales strategy as a new sales leader. You can also download our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It’s your guide to predictable, consistent revenue growth year after year.


Drew Kiran

Accelerates client results by quickly identifying root causes and collaborating on solutions.

Drew brings an unmatched passion to every client relationship. His broad experience as both a successful entrepreneur and Fortune 1000 leader provides a unique perspective to help a wide range of clients. He has extensive experience working both within and alongside technology companies, so he understands the heavy emphasis on quarterly numbers. Drew’s experience in helping companies scale and increase value has been seen as a huge asset to both company and investor.

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