Chris Perry, President of Broadridge Financial Solutions, joins us to discuss the opportunities that can come from a crisis.

Shifting the go-to-market model to digital has been a subject on the mind of market leaders for some time, and now it is being accelerated. For better or worse, COVID-19 has been the catalyst for a digital transformation that will fundamentally change how customers engage with vendors.


Veteran and market leader Chris Perry, President – Broadridge Financial Solutions, has a broad view of his organization and recognizes the critical importance of digital transformation right now. On today’s show, Chris discusses:


  • Differences between the current crisis and last recession on a macro/global level
  • An accelerated roadmap for digitizing the client experience now and after the pandemic
  • How sales and marketing must work together to help clients take risks and “win the recovery”


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Rising From the COVID-19 Crisis


  1. How does transacting look like post-crisis? minute 3:45
  2. Managing your new cost of sales and productivity of your teams. minute 7:04
  3. Building on strengths to mobilize your people and accelerate business. minute 9:24
  4. Lessons learned from coming out of previous crises. minute 16:14


Hear Chris at minute 13:36 describe ways to take digital strategy to the next level and the necessity in doing so compared to the previous financial crisis:


“This is a different world. This is ‘I’m going to provide you with a clear picture that’s going to be using digital solutions’… Let’s remember — we’ve been in a robust economy. In the global financial crisis, we weren’t. We were in total fear. People still have a level of confidence right now and they want to be informed. You just have to do it in different ways.”



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