How “Predictable” Organizations Master Their Markets and Make The Number


These companies have eliminated every barrier to innovation. Market dominance. And long-term revenue growth. Internally, they run like clockwork. Externally, they’ve mastered the markets in which they compete.


What distinguishes these companies from the rest? What makes them tick? And how did they achieve the seemingly impossible? It’s not magic or luck. Nor is it out of your reach. There is a surefire, well-lit path to Level 5.


Read on to learn more. These companies don’t play to stay in the running; they play to win.


Profile of a “Predictable” Organization:

Our recently released report, Make Your Number in 2016, profiles Level 5 companies. This profile is based on thousands of surveys, interviews, and in-person observations. We’ve isolated these companies’ competitive advantages and outlined the steps to achieving them. Click here to download the report for free. 


Here are some of the characteristics Level 5 companies share. 


Corporate and Functional Strategies in Action:

They’ve been defined, aligned, and implemented (both internally and in relation to the marketplace).


Functions Are Streamlined and in Sync:

Each functional level understands the strategy and how they’re impacting customers. Functional teams work to ensure all links in the value chain are optimized. Management teams adapt to markets in real time, predict performance, and understand causality.


Market Disruption Is the Norm:

The organization accelerates and shares learning, and responds to changes and opportunities faster. It doesn’t settle for improved performance year over year. Rather, it seeks quantum improvements validated by the marketplace.


No Friction in the Funnel:

Customers aren’t just satisfied with their experiences; they’re delighted. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is 26% lower than for Level 1 companies. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is 30% higher than for Level 1 companies.


How Level 5 Companies Take Charge of Their Future:

Level 5 companies are outward facing. Customers and markets inform their strategies and drive their decisions. These companies don’t play to stay in the running; they play to win. 


More specifically:



Does this list seem overwhelming? Not even sure what obstacles you face?


We have what you need to sort through it all. And to set a new, more predictable course.


We’ve Mapped the 6-Step Journey to Predictability

To get started on your journey, download Make Your Number in 2016 today. You’ll discover our latest research findings as well as an action plan for long-term revenue growth. We call this the 6-Step Revenue Growth Methodology.


The 6-Step Revenue Growth Methodology will help you prioritize your goals. Isolate and address weaknesses. And pave your way to a more predictable future.


In tomorrow’s post, we’ll introduce you to these six crucial steps you’ll need to progress.


Aaron Bartels

Helps clients solve the most difficult challenges standing in the way of making their number.

He founded Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) with Greg Alexander and Mike Drapeau to help business to business (B2B) leaders make the number. The world’s most respected companies have put their trust in and hired SBI. SBI uses the benchmarking method to accelerate their rate of revenue growth. As an execution based firm, SBI drives field adoption and business results.

His clients describe him as a consultant who:


“Makes transformational impacts on me, my people and my business”


“Solves my most difficult problems that to date we have been unable to solve ourselves”


“Brings clarity to an environment of chaos”


“Has real world sales operations experience making him qualified to advise us on a variety of sales and marketing challenges”


“Is able to spot proven best practices that once implemented will make a material impact on my business”


“Constantly challenges status quo and compels us to act”


“Focuses on execution and driving change to stick in our environment”


“Makes good on his promises while enabling our business to realize his projected results”

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