Stephen Mohan, SVP of North American Sales for XPO Logistics, demonstrates how to execute in the enterprise.


Our guest on SBI TV is Stephen Mohan, SVP of North American Sales for XPO Logistics. Stephen has led several enterprise sales forces and is the perfect guest to discuss how to execute in the enterprise. To download the full transcript in a word document, click here.


When executing in the enterprise, the structure and size of the sales force is the top priority. Stephen gives us his advice for determining the right number of “feet on the street”, what type of reps you need, and the best organizational chart for your business.


Watch as Stephen answers questions regarding his experience in a large enterprise sales force, org design, gaining buyer insight on the engagement process, and determining  which B2B sales org model is the best fit for your company.


Matt and Stephen discuss how to determine what part of the market is served by inside sales versus field sales, and what buyer dynamics they see changing with the buyer’s acceptance of inside sales:


“Inside sales organizations today are far more agile, far more skilled, far more technologically advanced. The type of technology we can put into these inside sales organizations is driving a high level of effectiveness. What we look at the difference between inside sales versus outside sales, we don’t think about it in a monolithic way. We ask ourselves how we can most effectively drive and develop new leads.”


“We talked in the first segment about customer segmentation and understanding how buyers like to buy. You’ll determine a unique set of customers that actually want to buy this way and putting them in that bucket. I want to be able to put the right sales professional in front of the right customer at the right time. When I think about it that way inside sales begins to be a vehicle that fits a large portion of the selling organization. It’s that kind of thought process that we think about, but again it’s done in an agile way, meaning it’s not a one size fits all model. In the inside sales models that we’ve set up, many portions of that organization do different things and have different tasks.”


Stephen goes on to share what he walked into when he was hired to transform the sales org of XPO Logistics and how he tackled the obstacles set before him:


“I walked into a great company growing at an exceptional rate. Undoubtedly, like in any organization, you see opportunity all around you. We had a little workshop beforehand and I began making a classic mistake, which is going in because you see a lot of opportunity and you want to take it all on. The simple truth is, you can’t. Instead, you have to focus on the two, to three, to four maximum movers that you can have impact and stake your claim on. The situation that I walked into was a great company, a fast growing company, but a company that’s grown unbelievably fast, and therefore hasn’t matured in regard to selling methodology, process, or design.”


“There are plenty of things that make me want to throw in the towel and a difficult choice is deciding who clients two, three, and/or four will be. Because, you look at numbers four, five, and six and see how important they are and it’s difficult for an ambitious head of sales that wants to have impact, and knows they can, to leave those things idle while you fix the most important issues holding your sales org back.”  


Skip to the 25-minute mark of the video to watch Stephen outline his current role as SVP of North American Sales at XPO Logistics. He describes the current situation compared to the situation he walked into as a newly hired head of sales. Stephen divulges what he expected to gain as a result of the transformation, as well as the results of that transformation.


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