What market segments lend themselves to outsourcing sales? Will outsourcing pieces of your sales strategy allow you to hit your revenue goal quickly? These are questions we recently asked Ted Grulikowski, the Vice President, Commercial Business Unit at MarketSource. Watch his interview on SBI TV here.


Ted is responsible for delivering over $6 billion dollars in sales for his B2B clients. He has over 15 years of business experience designing, deploying and leading sales teams. His career varies across a wide range of industries for many of the most well respected brands in the world. Because of this, Ted has a unique view of the challenges today’s sales leaders face.


During the episode, Ted will address topics such as:


  • Why outsourcing sales is more of a viable option than ever before.
  • How to assess your needs in relation to speed, scale, flexibility, focus, capability and cost.
  • How outsourcing sales can get you better results, faster.
  • What your objectives should be when outsourcing a sales project.
  • How results of an outsourced sales team should be measured.
  • How sales leaders can estimate the revenue opportunity of outsourcing.


Ted will bring his expertise to the table, and explain why outsourcing is worth considering. He will explain how it’s a true partnership. A partnership, which at the end of the day benefits both sides. It allows sales leaders like yourself to reduce the time it takes to hit your revenue goal. It will help you acquire new capabilities swiftly in order to execute your sales strategy. Click here to watch Ted describe how to determine if outsourcing will optimize your team.