Broadridge processes over $5 trillion in fixed income and equity trades per day and boasts a 98% customer retention rate.


We invited Chris to SBI.TV to address the question, “How do you get the product group, the marketing department and the sales team into strategic alignment with the CEO’s strategy?”


There is not another executive in financial services with more experience than Chris. During his impressive 21-year tenure as President of Global Sales and Account Management at Thomson Reuters, he oversaw 3,500 employees and was responsible for $7 billion in revenue.


We are fortunate to get his insights in this month’s episode.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • The #1 difference between leaders who make the number and leaders who miss the number.
  • Chris’s unique point of view on the “continuum” from the CEO through the sales team.
  • How to keep the product group creating products that aren’t just innovative, but that the marketplace actually needs.
  • Why taking too long to go to market can be a launch killer, and who is really responsible when a product fails.
  • The secret to recovering from even the biggest failure.
  • How to drive strategic alignment into the daily operating cadence.
  • The 3 most important aspects of an executive’s “honeymoon period.”
  • An action plan that drives each team to create a strategy that aligns with the CEO’s strategy.
  • 3 things to do immediately after this episode that will help you make your number.


Leaders can use these actionable insights right away to not only improve their next product launch, but improve their careers.


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