Plans for your 2016 financial goals are ramping up. You’ve got target numbers you plan to hit by this time next year. When discussing Sales, Product and Talent strategies, big goals are good. But when talking about Marketing, the question should be, “Is my target small enough?”


At the firing range, the advice is, “Aim big, miss big. Aim small, miss small.”


Dialing in on your target

Here are five questions to ask of your marketing plan from SBI’s How To Make Your Number in 2016 report. Each point depends on, refines and narrows the one before. 


  1. Market research – Is there a clear cross-corporate understanding of the market in which you compete? Market research is the primary feed into your market strategy.


  2. Corporate strategy – What is the corporate goal within the understood market? Do you desire to acquire new logos? Grow revenue? Preserving the install base? The corporate strategy directs the marketing department how to behave.


  3. Product strategy – Define what Marketing is talking to the marketplace about. Marketing needs to completely understand the product, and why the marketplace needs it.


  4. Sales strategy – Marketing and Sales are the most closely tied of all strategies. Cooperative communication between these departments is vital. Marketing needs to know how many leads Sales needs to make them successful. In return, Sales needs to be able to give Marketing clear and useful feedback.


  5. Talent strategy – What types of people do you need? When do you need them? Marketing strategy has defined your “A” player talent. Talent strategy is where those are sourced, hired, on-boarded and developed.


 Scattershot vs. Laser-guided

Your Marketing department needs direction in which to focus its energies. Without Corporate strategy, Marketing falls back on tribal knowledge, past experience and fads. Scattershot approaches like this miss more often than they hit. 


At the firing range, the advice is, “Aim big, miss big. Aim small, miss small.” You are shooting for a target. Corporate strategy, narrowed and refined into a focused Marketing strategy is a bullseye every time.


Let us help you focus

Read more about designing Marketing campaigns to support strategy in our report, “How To Make Your Number in 2016“. To have an SBI strategist come to your office and help apply this knowledge to your organization, register for our workshop.


Scott Gruher

Orchestrates and designs the perfect project strategy, one engagement at a time, to ensure that every SBI client makes their number.

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