Chris Davy, Managing Director at SBI, discusses the risks and rewards of the transportation industry during the current economic conditions

While businesses world-wide have been grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, few industries have been seeing a surge in demand. Among those who have an opportunity to thrive are industrial markets like transportation and logistics. While market leaders have the potential to increase revenue and enter new verticals, this is not without added risks.


On today’s show, we are joined by industry expert Chris Davy, Managing Director at SBI. Chris shares his experience and lessons learned from previous market disruptions in the industry and the significance of a clear exit strategy.


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Navigating Economic Uncertainties in the Transportation and Logistics Industry


  1. How retention is driving growth in transportation and logistics. minute 3:04
  2. Lessons learned from previous market disruption. minute 4:58
  3. Revising your GTM strategy to accommodate current business potential. minute 7:46
  4. Evaluating operating activity for the next 90 days and beyond. minute 10:51
  5. Managing talent in times of uncertainty. minute 12:37


Skip to minute 8:43 to hear Chris discuss the opportunities of penetrating new verticals:


“There are a lot of companies that will be going out of business because of what’s going on. If you’re going to be taking on that business, be very careful that when the capacity ramps back up, that you’re documenting how long you’ll serve for. Don’t do long-term pricing commitments, don’t do long-term contracts. Do more spot pricing, do more, but we’ll help you for the next 30 days, and that’s all I can guarantee and that’s all I can commit to.”


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