Avoid_a_Failed_Product_Launch_bwLaunching a new product or service is an exciting time for a sales representatives. You may have had the same portfolio for a while.  Conversations with customers have grown stale.  This time however you have something different to share. When the customer asks, “What’s new?” you are ready to surprise them!  Be careful though.  Take a step back before launching into presentation mode. Discussing bells and whistles without truly understanding your buyer can be disastrous.  If you are not aligned, you risk a failed launch.


Identify your customer’s objectives before the sales pitch to position yourself for success.


Selling is about solving your client’s problems.  Most customers do not care about you and what you have done.  You must adapt your message specifically to the needs of the individual buyers.  Before you introduce your new product you must identify the client’s pain points.  The best way to do this is to develop personas of your targets.  Personas are representation of who your buyers are.  They create a composite picture of those who may buy or influence the buyers. 


An Account Persona Tracker captures the following information for each member of the BDT.  (Buyer Decision Team)


  • Objectives – What are the primary job objectives or essential functions?
  • Obstacles – What keeps your target from doing their job effectively?
  • Areas of Importance – What do they value personally?
  • Unique aspects of your company, product or service – What separates you from the competition?
  • Metrics – What areas are used to evaluate performance


To capture this information you will need to ask questions and prepare to listen.  If you are talking more than the client you are doing it wrong.  Give your prospect time to talk about themselves and their problems, needs and wants. Use a series of open-ended questions to discover what drives their decision making process.  Capture the information in a persona tracker like the one available for download here.  You need to interview multiple targets to get an accurate representation of the persona.  Use the tracker as a living document.  Continue to update it over time and its value will increase.


Now you can use your completed personas to develop strategies for your sales calls.  How does your shiny new product or service address the client’s needs?  Will it help them meet their daily objectives?  Does it reduce the amount of obstacles they face?  Will it allow them to look good in front of their boss?  Paint a picture of how your product features will positively change their situation.  A well-crafted persona will help you answer these questions. It can make you look like a mind reader!  Even better, your client will value you as a trusted solutions provider.


Download the Account Persona Tracker to create wins for both you and your customers.