No market is without competition. Are you prepared to compete, and ultimately win? Watch here as my colleague, Matt Sharrers and I discuss how to beat your competition and grow revenue. We’ll walk you through how define your competition, and how to have a clear win strategy. We’ll also explain why your competitive advantage is the responsibility of the entire organization, not just the sales team.


In our first segment we will discuss the importance of strategic alignment between functions when determining your overall business strategy. We’ll hear from other executives, such as Chris Cole, the CEO of Intelligrated, on how this alignment allows organizations to beat their competitors. We’ll also discuss the key questions to ask when defining your competitive strategy. We’ll help you define your competition in each market, and ultimately how to respond to their every move.  


Next, we will explain the importance of your corporate strategy, marketing strategy and sales strategy. We’ll break down how each of these individually and describe their impact on your ability to win against the competition. Throughout the episode we’ll also hear from other CEO’s, sales and marketing leader on how they implement strategic alignment across their organizations. And they will explain how it helps them win consistently.


At the end of the day, in order to win, you must understand your advantages in the marketplace. Watch as Matt and I explain how strategic alignment allows you to do this better. We’ll help you not only understand the competition, but also be prepared to win time and time again.