Genesys, an enterprise software company for contact center solutions, was recently named one of SBI’s 10 best companies to sell for in 2016. We spoke with Tracy Cote, senior vice president of human resources, about this distinction, and about what makes Genesys a great company to sell for.


Why Work for Genesys?

We began the conversation by discussing why sales reps would want to work for Genesys. “From an HR perspective, I’ll tell you we’ve got a great culture,” explains Tracy. The company is respected in their industry. And it is comprised of smart people, who are fun to work with. They’ve got a great brand, and great products. This makes it easy for sales reps to sell.


Additionally, they provide their sales team with ample pre-sales support. The sales team can’t do it alone. At Genesys they have a very robust pre-sales team to support their reps because, in their industry, they have to sell in a very consultative way. This allows for a great partnership between support and sales.


Genesys has also employed a wide variety of tools that make it an appealing place to sell for. “We’re definitely lucky to have a world-class sales ops team,” says Tracy. This team leverages technology to enable efficient key models and processes throughout the sales organization.


Understanding Your Customer

Another key aspect to being a great company to sell for is truly understanding your customer. How has Genesys studied the way customers want to buy? And enabled the sales person to sell in that way?


“We have a sales process, but we like to think of it more as a buying process,” explained Tracy. They gear their stages to the process that the buyer goes through when making an investment decision. It’s a persona based approach. They provide their sales team with content and guidance based upon buying stage, persona, vertical and solution in order to support them in the process.


Genesys’ functions are also in strategic alignment with each other. Internally, they describe this as interlock. “The most important ingredient to being able to execute flawlessly lies in getting the entire company to share the same vision, mission, and values, and not just work on their own individual goals but work on community goals together,” proclaims Tracy. This alignment has allowed Genesys to not only become a great organization to sell for, but also to hit their revenue growth objectives consistently.


Key Takeaways

We wrapped up the conversation by asking Tracy for her insight. In order to become one of the top organizations to sell for, what should organizations do? Tracy recommended three simple steps.


  1. Define the company’s vision and philosophy, and live by it as an organization.
  2. Focus on customer needs, and deliver a great customer experience.
  3. Set up processes, resources, and tools required to enable the sales team.


The supply and demand equation now favors the job candidate, not the employer. In order to attract great sales talent, like Genesys, you need to be a great company to sell. Otherwise you will have to settle for ‘B’ and ‘C’ players and will miss your number.