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In addition, 45% of all LinkedIn users can make a business decision.  As a leader of the organization why not live where your buyers live? 


In this post, we will talk about why CEO’s do not have a presence on LinkedIn; why they should have a presence; and how to get started.  Download the Social Executive Profile Builder to help you create a social brand.


Lack of Presence Fear

As a CEO, you are probably concerned about the potential forms of lawsuits, leaked trade secrets or exposure to angry customers.  This argument can be very shortsighted.  On the contrary, most people want CEO’s who are authentic.  69% of the population says it enhances the company’s market credibility.  This is why LinkedIn is a powerful tool to keep things professional and authentic.



Another argument that CEO’s cling on is that they are busy running the organization.  Although this is true, creating your brand as a leader has become a power leadership tool.   You work hard to monitor your brand on TV, media, and radio.  Don’t let your social brand erode.


How does LinkedIn help? Growing the Business

84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral, accordingly to the Edelman Firm.  Here is a good opportunity to lead from the front.  Your own network of CEO’s, top decision makers and even the board members are a great source of new business opportunities.  Leverage your network to help the organization make the number in 2014.


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Attracting Customers

LinkedIn is a hotbed of conversations around your industry, your brand, and your products.  Listen and respond with the right content that gives you a competitive advantage.  Thus allowing your sales force to engage customers earlier in the buying process.


Attract Top Talent

As a CEO, you are at war for top talent.  The best people are not looking for a job.  This is why your best source of finding talent is from a referral.  Remember great people always surround themselves with great people.  LinkedIn has over 238 million users and growing.


How-to Guide Build Your Brand

Your LinkedIn profile is a product that you are presenting to the world.  Today’s buyer is more informed than ever before about your industry, products, and business.  Your brand needs to perpetuate credibility and trust.  Download the Social Executive Profile Builder and learn to build your brand effectively.


  • Your profile should speak to key influencers who are focused on your products, services, and solutions
  • Address your buyer’s questions in your profile. What problems are they trying to solve? Use the mapping of the buyers process to guide you.  If you don’t have one you need to  have this built
  • Use buyer language not company lingo


Social Executive Profile Builder


Build Your Reach

Focus on quality not quantity.  It is no longer important to have 500+ connections.  It’s about “Who you know” more than “What you know”.  How many other CEO’s do you know?  More importantly, how many key decision makers in your target accounts do they know? 


Increase Referrals

Here is a good opportunity to lead from the front.  Identify 2-3 connections that are good leads for your sales organization and ask for introductions to you or your sales team.  Also, connect with your employees.  This gives them the ability to not only scan your network for opportunities but also leverage your relationship in the sale.


Executives who are successful in their use of social media raise their corporate brand.  Today’s digital consumers connect with the brands they admire and executives who are genuinely involved in the conversation.  If you decide to ignore, you run the risk of your competition outpacing you.  Make the decision to be a social executive and make your number in 2014.  Also, download SBI’s annual research report here if you haven’t already.



Andrew Urteaga

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Andrew’s work has included everything from lead generation, campaign planning and sales process to designing complete sales management coaching programs and new compensation plans.

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