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What is LinkedIn Today?

It is a daily aggregate of content curation powered by crowd sourcing plus the social graph.  You might say that you have a daily aggregator already so why should you bother with another one?  


LinkedIn Today is unique because it provides you with three Social views of professional news that don’t exist together in one place anywhere else on the web.  The resulting content, displayed in a newspaper style web page, is segmented into three different Social views:


1.  Content that your connections and co-workers are sharing


2.  Content that your industry peers are sharing


3.  Content that is interesting to a wider audience outside of your industry


Through a series of filters you can customize your very own page to follow industry specific content that is being shared by the three personas above.


As we move through the Three Keys To a Successful Lead Generation Process from “Get Found” to “Convert”, it is important to understand our Social Graph and the idea first coined by Bill Gates that, “Content Is King”.


There are 4 steps to a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy


1.  Invite all of your leads to be part of your network:  I understand that LinkedIn is supposed to be the most guarded of all networks, but what are we guarding?  We have already discussed Google’s Social Search and the impact on B2B Lead Generation. The inherent value of expanding our Social Network far outweighs the negative perceived value of having someone in your network who might “not belong”.  By inviting a lead to join your network you are simply moving them further down the funnel.


2.  Listen:  Pay attention to what your lead comments on or shares with their community.  You can also use LinkedIn Signal to search Tweets and Status Updates from within the LinkedIn community.  A simple filter by “Company” will allow you to see if there is someone within the organization of your original lead that my be accessible and fit better into your defined persona.  At this point you would leverage the tools to help you “get into the corner office”.


3.  Segment Your Network:  Within the Contacts tab you are able to segment your network by adding new tags.  The value of segmenting these leads within your network is realized when you decide to send a Content Marketing email blast through LinkedIn to your leads.  You can add up to 50 contacts to one message, and there is an option to not allow each of them to see one another when the message is received.  This way you can provide relevant content, to a large group of leads, with just a few clicks and without being a spammer.


4.  Provide Great Content:  Using LinkedIn Today to listen for hot topics that your lead shares or comments on, will allow you to continue to provide your lead with relevant, insightful content. With the ultimate goal to move your lead from the “Awareness” phase, to the “Consideration” phase, as it pertains to the buying process, the relevance of your content becomes far more important.  All content marketed to your lead does not necessarily have to be created by you.  This is the value proposition of LinkedIn today. You can pull content from your customized aggregated source and compose a message to your lead with the link to the content all from within LinkedIn. 


B2B sites have seen a rise in the usage of the LinkedIn platform by the professional community.  Be sure to leverage the raw capabilities that it provides in terms of SEO value and personal brand awareness first. Then apply the new, more subtle settings, to help you leverage the vast capabilities that LinkedIn has to offer as a B2B Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing tool.



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