Speakers: Toby Murdock | Mark Synek, John Staples, SBI



Your content marketing strategy is critical to your success. Ultimately, your overall marketing strategy must outline how you will develop, manage, and distribute content effectively.  On this week’s SBI Insider: Sales and Marketing Insights Podcast we spoke with Toby Murdock, the co-founder and CEO of Kapost. Kapost is a content marketing software designed to help marketers organize their content marketing efforts. Listen as Toby explains how to develop the right content to drive revenue growth.


During the episode, Toby will address key topics such as:


  • How to determine your organization’s brand promise and validate it through your content marketing strategy.
  • Understanding when, where and how your buyers are consuming your content, and what to do with this information.
  • Creating a content production schedule that aligns with your overall marketing objectives.
  • How to best get the right content in the hands of the right people through the proper content distribution channels.


The customer is king, and in order to make your number you must provide an excellent customer experience. Content is a key piece to defining this experience. Listen as Toby explains how to create a winning content marketing strategy. If after listening, you need more help, download our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It’s the guide top marketing leaders use to contribute to revenue growth in a consistent, predictable way.


Mark Synek

Leads SBI client engagements, primarily in the Enterprise space, and is typically engaged at the senior sales and CXO levels.

Few people in the sales and marketing world besides Mark can claim they are former opera singers. And now SBI clients everywhere are singing his praises. Perhaps that’s because Mark has taken his extremely diverse background, which includes post-graduate work at The Juilliard School and living abroad for several years, and distilled it down to an enormous passion for helping sales and marketing leaders make their number.

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