How should you design your sales organizational structure? We recently asked Julie Lyda, the executive vice president of North American commercial sales at Black Box this question. Watch here as she provides her insights into how to achieve revenue growth through proper organizational design.


During the show, we will discuss the seven B2B sales org models. Julie will explain which model she uses at Black Box, and why. We’ll then dig into the design principles of sales org structure. And Julie will walk us through exercises, such as account segmentation and understanding talent levels, she uses to ensure she gets it right.  


In the next segment, Julie discusses which channels her customers prefer. She’ll explain how she determines how to engage her customers and prospects. And how to figures out whether or not customers will be willing to pay for specialization.


To wrap up the show, we will tackle sales org charts. How has Julie created her sales org chart at Black Box? And how does she determine the sales headcount she needs to hit her revenue growth objective? She will walk us through the model she uses at Black Box, step by step. In addition, Julie will discuss why communication is key for any organizational design transitions, and why it’s critical to keep both key clients and top sales talent.


Your sales organizational structure is key input into a successful sales strategy. Watch here as Julie demonstrates how she has developed and executed a new organizational model. It’s a critical piece of the revenue growth puzzle.