Your organization needs to grow revenue. It all starts with the corporate strategy. But can your employees articulate this strategy? And are they enabled to be successful in their individual functions? Watch as we speak with John Myers, the CEO of Rentokil Initial. He explains how he executes his revenue growth strategy. John is responsible for the $500 million dollar North American pest control and interior landscaping businesses.


John will share how he laid the foundation for his growth strategy by clearly defining the company’s mission, vision, and values. He will discuss how he has pulled insights from the marketplace, and used those to make critical decisions such as why the company exists in the first place. This has allowed him to allocate his people, money and time to generate profitable growth.


During the show he’ll also explain how he sets expectations for his employee’s behavior with customers and with each other. And he’ll explain how he reinforces this throughout the organization. Additionally, he will share how he develops the Rentokil brand, and also how he determines the financial objectives. Finally, he’ll touch on how he decides which markets to compete in, which to avoid, and why. His strategy has put his company in the best position to win in the marketplace.


Too often the corporate strategy is only understood by the senior executive team. The employee base usually operates in silos using yesterday’s playbook. But these tactics are no longer working. And this causes companies to miss their revenue growth targets. Watch as John explains how CEO’s can translate his or her strategy throughout the organization in order to increase revenue. His advice can be implemented immediately into better understanding and communication of your company’s business growth strategies.