Market research provides a deep understanding of your market, accounts, buyers and users. It’s a critical piece to your organization’s strategy. But do you understand how to do market research inside your company? Watch here as we demonstrate both its importance and how to conduct market research.


We’ll start the show by defining market research – what it is, what it does, and what it means to use it. We’ll also show why it’s vital to start with this first step in order to achieve strategic alignment across functions in the organization. And we’ll touch on the key inputs to market research, and cover the 4 steps necessary to conduct it, beginning with market segmentation.


In the next segments, we’ll walk you through how to gather the intelligence needed for the process. We’ll explain the four different types of research, and how to determine who should be responsible for each.


Market research is key to differentiating your strategy from your competition. It helps you prioritize your accounts and align your strategy with the needs of your market. Watch here as we demonstrate how to define and execute your market research program. By beginning with critical first step, you will be able to align your strategy both internally and externally with the marketplace in order to make your number.


Eric Estrella

Helps clients grow by creating innovative go-to-market strategies.

Eric specializes in helping clients solve some of the most prevalent go-to-market problems in today’s complex selling world. He is an expert in many industries including software, telecommunications, ecommerce, manufacturing and technology. He helps them align strategies and develop go-to-market programs to lower the cost of customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value.


Recently he developed corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies for an emerging telecommunications solution provider that resulted in a quadrupling of revenue and EBITA in two-year span.


Eric’s background in strategy, sales operations and enablement allows him to provide thought-leadership in emerging best practices in sales and marketing.

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