Marketing leaders understand that content marketing is King. We are seeing marketing budgets increasing the content development line item. However, most marketing leaders are still faced with challenges that are surprising.  In this post, I’ll address these challenges and how to conquer them.

Let’s look at the graph below from the study. Aside from lack of time, producing enough content and quality engagement content are top challenges.


challenges b2b content marketers


It’s surprising to see these results. Marketers know Content Marketing is key to being successful because it produces results. However, the study shows they don’t know how to produce enough content. Additionally, it shows 49% of B2B Marketers do not even have a documented content strategy.


The blame often falls into the “Lack of Time” top challenge. Often, lack of time causes content marketing to be outsourced to 3rd parties. Don’t fall for this crutch. This will lead to insufficient leads and the death of you. No matter what these agencies claim, outsourcing content creation does not outsource the pain. When it comes to content development, outsourcing is not a quality solution. Outsourcing still requires significant time investment, it’s expensive and the quality misses the mark.  Outsourced content simply is not infused with deep domain knowledge.


The solution (even though you don’t want to face it) is developing a content marketing strategy internally. It may not seem possible but the internal resources are the hidden gem. SBI’s content marketing offering has helped companies produce the content that buyers seek. It engages them and pulls them through the buyers journey.  Save yourself time (and your job) by standing up an Internal Content Marketing capability.


What is the Internal Content Marketing Offering?

It’s in a sense, a new capability in your team. It utilizes personnel from Sales, Marketing, Product Development and other parts of the organization. When trained and armed with the battle-tested tools, an Internal Content Marketing team can produce high quality demand generation content consistently. A 3rd party will never know the customer like your internal team.  An example of the offering is below:


  • Content audit and map
  • Development of a content marketing function
  • Buying personas and buying process maps
  • Editorial calendar
  • Production schedule
  • Topics, themes, and campaigns designed
  • Media selection and promotion plans
  • Measurement and feedback loops


Download and try our Content Grader Tool. This unique tool helps your team focus on producing continuous great content. It’s easily customizable to your goals too.


The Content Grader tool


You may be thinking to yourself that creating an internal content marketing team isn’t easy. You’re right, it can be a heavy lift but one well worth it. The clients we have helped told us, “Content Marketing is now our best Sales Rep.”  It’s a fact; the content being produced by the internal team is selling when a rep is not present. This is happening because part of the content production training includes mapping persona content to the Buyer’s Journey.


This is not the only benefit of producing quality content. This new content production practice will naturally boost your SEO efforts for Google’s “Hummingbird” algorithm update. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithm to find and serve the best quality content to their users.  This gives your content the advantage. When your content is found and it’s quality content, people will share it and link to it.


Next year is a pivotal year for Marketing Leaders. The CEO will be holding you accountable for revenue contribution. The sales team will be expecting more leads from you and sales enablement content. By embracing internal content marketing, you will be introducing new roles internally to support it. You will be working with Sales to conduct buyer research. This research will help you map content to the buyer’s journey.


Key Takeaway

Now is the time to document and plan a content marketing strategy. Leverage your internal resources for your content marketing strategy. 3rd parties could never produce content that resonates with a buyer. SBI can help you stand up an Internal Content Marketing capability with proven battle-tested tools. This will allow you to produce engaging, top shelf content fast and cost effectively. Sales will be enabled to close deals faster.


Try our Content Grader to see your content is performing.