content marketing manager


As a Marketing Leader, you are expected to contribute to the revenue goal. How much of this will come from new customers? 15%? 20%? Mature marketing organizations expect this number to be upwards of 30%. Do you have enough leads to hit this number? If not, how will you get there?


The popular answer is “content marketing”. The Content Marketing Institute describes content marketing as “the present – and future – of marketing.” I don’t disagree. You must generate content to help your buyer buy. This has been a popular sentiment for quite some time. However, I’d like to take it a step further.


First, do you have the right person for the job?

There are several roles within your marketing department. Demand generation managers, campaign managers, lead development representatives, etc. But, is there someone solely dedicated to content marketing? And if so, are they fulfilling the part to its full potential? This is where the role of the Content Marketing Manager comes into play.


What is a Content Marketing Manager?

This person plans and executes a content strategy that supports and extends your marketing initiatives. The role is centered specifically around new prospects. The Content Marketing Manager must drive desired behavior from leads.



There a few steps to this role. This list is not comprehensive but is a good springboard.


#1:  Strategy – what will the overall content strategy be?  Some questions to consider:


  • What types of content are needed and who will produce them?
  • What distribution channels will be used?  Which will be most effective for the targeted audience?
  • How will the content strategy be measured in revenue? Essentially, how can you monetize your content?


#2:  Execution – this is the actual production and distribution of content. Again, some things to consider:


  • How will you use the content to attract new leads?
  • How will the content be used to convert leads?
  • What type of prospects are being attracted?  Are they quality?  If so, the Content Marketing Manager should be paying attention and following-up.
  • Is the content maintaining your companies’ branding guidelines?


#3: Analytics – this is the evolution of performance. Is the content strategy working? Items to measure are below, and outlined in more detail in this tool.  


  • New opp
  • Net new leads or subscribers
  • ortunities
  • New logos
  • Conversion rates for each


So, how will you generate more leads? By putting your faith in your Content Marketing Manager.  Download the Content Marketing Scorecard now.


Content marketing will get you to you 2014 revenue contribution goal. It will get you the new leads that you need. But only if you’ve got the right person directing the effort.