Speakers: Todd Skiles | , SBI



Do you have the right people in the right roles? On this week’s SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast we spoke with Todd Skiles, the senior vice president of sales and solutions at Ryder. Todd leads the sales team for the supply chain business of this $6.5 billion dollar company. Listen here as Todd discusses his sales organizational structure, specifically how he implemented a hunter farmer sales model.


During the show, Todd will answer questions such as:


  • How did he decide to implement a hunter farmer sales model?
  • What have the results of this sales organizational design been?
  • How should you assess your current team against new job profiles in the org chart?
  • Was it necessary to make adjustments to the sales compensation plan to accommodate the new model?
  • How did this change effect Ryder’s overall sales strategy, specifically  how his sales force interacted with customers?


Making an organizational change to the sales force can be tricky. Listen to Todd’s advice on how to implement a new sales organizational structure. He will give tips on how to successfully do this without losing either key customers or key sales people. His insights will allow you to deploy your sales resources effectively in order to be able to execute your sales strategy and make your number.