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Executive Vice President of Global Sales demonstrates how to win more deals, win bigger deals, and win them faster.

Bill Griffin - EVP of Global Sales


Joining us for today’s show is Bill Griffin, an Executive Vice President of Global Sales who knows how to Make the Number. Today’s topic is about winning more deals, winning bigger deals, and winning them faster. Bill uses the How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook to access emerging best practices as a guide for our questions.  Leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to review the Sales Process phase starting on page 361 of the Sales Strategy section.


Our guest today is Bill Griffin, the Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Services for Aspen Technology. Aspen is the leader in process optimization software, primarily for the process industries, which include oil, gas, and chemical customers. This show is a can’t miss episode for executives who want to yield more deals, bigger deals, and greater success in making your number. 


Today’s focus on sales process has an emphasis on pipeline velocity and pipeline cleanliness. To increase deal sizes, improve your win rates, and shorten your sales cycles, you need to adopt a custom, proprietary sales process/methodology. Bill is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic of deploying a custom sales process, as he came up through the ranks of Xerox and Autodesk, and has guided his sales teams to win more deals, win bigger deals, and win them faster. 


Why this topic? Standard, one size fits all sales methodologies no longer work. Your competitors can license the same sales methodologies from the same vendors you can, so there is no competitive advantage to be had by adopting the latest sales methodology from the sales trainee industry. 


Listen to the interview with Bill from May, 2017 that demonstrates how to win more deals, win bigger deals, and win them faster.  


We begin the show by providing an overview of how Bill uses sales process to help buyers make purchase decisions.  He describes the sales methodology and the resources the sales team needs to execute the sales process.  Bill describes how to use the sales process to trigger access to higher end sales resources. 


We do that by making sure we’re giving the customer the right resources they need at the right phase. What is important is that those stages trigger certain activities from your sales organization. I would not send out a pre-sales application engineer or solution engineer – we call it a business consultant at Aspen Technology – unless we’ve reached a certain stage in the process because it would be inappropriate. Just like throwing a quote out to the customer, doing a deep dive custom demo. You need to make sure you reach a certain stage in the process. By having those stage gates, you can make sure you are applying the right resources because your resources are expensive and limited in a global organization, at the right time in the sales cycle. 


In the second segment of the show Bill explains how a custom sales process shortens the sales cycle length, increases win rate, and improves the deal size.  Bill’s straightforward answer provides a sound guide to how this can pay off for you: 


You allocate your limited resources on deals with a higher likelihood that they’re actually going to be closed. And by doing that you’re able to grow the deal because you’re not wasting your time chasing deals that aren’t going to follow through. 


Bill provides an insight into how to track the right metrics that indicate the success of a sales process. What are the leading indicators and ultimately the lagging indicators to show success.  


In the final segment of the show we explore how to get the sales team to adopt the sales process. Bill describes how this starts at the top by incorporating the context of the sales process into every interaction. Another important performance condition for success is to enable the sales process adoption through technology. Setting up your sales process tracking in the CRM helps you also track adoption in real time.  


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