What is your organization’s revenue growth strategy? How will you grow faster than both your industry and competition? SBI recently spoke with Mark Lenhard, senior vice president of strategy and growth at Magento Commerce. Watch as Mark discusses his revenue growth strategy. He’ll explain how he grows faster than the industry growth rate, and faster than his competitors.


Magento provides a digital commerce solution to 250,000 companies, and was recently spun out of eBay. Mark is responsible for helping Magento’s leadership develop and execute the company’s multi-year strategy. He also has experience leading and shaping strategy at Morgan Chase and PayPal. His experience brings valuable insight into how to increase revenue.


In the first part of the show, Mark will discuss his company’s revenue growth relative to their industry. He dives into how to analyze the industry, its customer, and the driving demand behind the growth strategy. He will detail the critical success factors to growing faster than your industry.  


Next, Mark explores the three forms of strategy development advantage: product differentiation, cost and customer experience. We will explain the definition of each. And discuss how to choose the correct one to set yourself apart from your competition.


In our last segment, Mark will wrap up the show by sharing three key tips with our audience. These are actions companies can take immediately to increase revenue growth.


Understanding how to grow revenue faster the industry and the competition is difficult. Begin by determining your strengths, and aligning these with your strategy. Communication is also key. Your revenue growth strategy must trickle down throughout the organization. Mark has been able to successfully do this at several large organizations. Watch as he discusses how to develop and execute your revenue growth strategy. His insights will help you grow faster than both your industry, and competition.