Tish Falco, veteran CX strategist and thought leader in tech and subscription-based services, joins us to discuss the future of CX.

Having a full comprehension of customer experience in a digital world is crucial to revenue growth today. This motion requires not only active market listening, but communicating actionable insights across product, service, and channels — all while reducing friction in a virtual environment.


Joining us today is Tish Falco, veteran CX strategist and thought leader in tech and subscription-based services. Tish shares valuable guidance on:


  • Defining CX vision and design from end to end
  • Channel optimization protecting the revenue stream
  • Brightening the future of digital CX


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Transform Your Customer Experience Heading into 2021


  1. How Tish defines Customer Experience and how others should activate CX design. minute 1:55
  2. Setting a baseline for an efficient CX process. minute 3:44
  3. CX advice for those commercializing during COVID-19. minute 5:49
  4. Applying agile market listening. minute 9:32
  5. Biggest mistakes that occur during the digital cx journey. minute 14:54


Skip to minute 11:19 to hear how the C-suite can transform customer experience design over the next 18 months:


“Say you redesign your website based on that journey and the insights…Base a group of customers to interact with that website and start to observe like an anthropologist, how they’re navigating…a lot of technology is designed sometimes with the human in mind, but once they touch it, you could discover something new…or something new that they want.”


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