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Vice President of Marketing demonstrates how to make marketing scientific through the use of a marketing operations department.

Arnaud Kraajvanger - VP of Marketing Insights and Operations v


Today’s topic is how to make marketing scientific through a marketing operations department. Shift from art to science to prove marketing’s contribution to revenue with scientific fact. If you would like help with making marketing scientific, visit The Studio, SBI’s multimillion dollar, one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art executive briefing center. A visit to The Studio increases the probability of making your number because the sessions are built on the proven strength and stability of SBI, the industry leader in B2B sales and marketing.


Joining us today is Arnaud Kraajvanger, the Vice President of Marketing Insights and Operations for Genesys. Genesys provides customer experience contact center solutions.  More than 10,000 companies in over 100 countries trust the industry’s #1 customer experience platform to orchestrate seamless omnichannel customer journeys. Arnaud and I discuss how marketing operations is in a unique position with more data than ever to have a significant impact on the business.


Listen as Arnaud describes how to measure the effectiveness of the marketing team. Arnaud’s team works with all functions within marketing and develop specific KPI’s for each and track the KPI’s throughout the buying cycle. It’s difficult to grow revenue faster than your industry’s growth rate and faster than your competitors. Leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to access a revenue growth methodology to hit your number quarter after quarter, and year after year.


Why this topic? Data is everywhere. Channels are exploding. Technology is changing. Executives require more detailed reporting. Intuition and experience are no longer enough. You are living in the “show me” era. Marketing leaders cannot deal with this alone. You need a right hand, called marketing ops.


During the show, Arnaud provides a brief overview of how each key area of marketing is tracked.  For brand awareness, share of voice is tracked. From a public relations standpoint, social shares are the KPI.  For analyst relations, the degree of analyst coverage and ranking compared to the position of the competition. 


For DemandGen KPI’s there is a focus on opportunities pipeline and wins, with an emphasis for us on driving new logo pipeline.  Arnaud describes how the marketing operations team is transitioning more to a revenue marketing model where it’s less about just the numbers of opportunities, numbers of leads, but having everybody focused on the revenue outcome. What is the dollar value that you’re generating in pipeline, open pipeline, and wins? The other DemandGen metric that is more sophisticated is influence of deals.  How does marketing influence the win rate through marketing engagement?


A critical function for marketing, especially in complex B2B software sales cycles is the training and enablement of the sales force with the right tools to be successful. Arnaud’s team measures how marketing help sales improve their ability to sell and win more.  He looks closely at win rates and that’s the shared KPI that marketing carry with sales.


Arnaud and I discuss the following questions throughout the show to demonstrate how to transition to a more scientific marketing department.


  • How do you measure the effectiveness of the marketing team?
  • Please describe your analytics strategy.
  • Please describe the data and systems architecture that supports the marketing ops team.
  • How do you calculate the cost to acquire a customer?
  • How do you calculate the life time value of a customer?
  • How do you make sure your forecast is accurate?


If you need more help making marketing scientific, I encourage you to visit with my team of experts at The Studio, our executive briefing center in Dallas, Texas.


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