Your team has fallen behind on adopting the new sales initiatives. Now you are on your boss’s radar. He now has the perception that you cannot execute. Since the beginning of the year, you have struggled to get the team onboard. You find yourself scratching your head on what went wrong. A few months ago, the team was excited about the investments in sales. Now, you are running out of time. You have to figure out how to get everyone on the team onboard.


This post is about having a plan to drive adoption of key initiatives. Download the Customized Sales Adoption Plan. It will help you gain traction from day 1. As a Sales Manager, it is your job to drive reinforcement.


Problems with Yesterday’s Approach


Sales initiatives fail because sales organizations rely more on design versus execution. A disconnect exist between the intent and the realities of the field. Below we explore a few of the challenges sales managers face.


  • Breaking Old Habits- Most likely, you carry two types of reps. Type one, those that have been with the organization for a long time. Type two, those hired into the organization with experience. Either way they carry baggage. Changing their behavior is not going to happen overnight.
  • Top Down Approach- The identification, designing, building, and roll out of the initiative are done by leadership. Execution comes down to front line sales leaders. Lastly, sales reps are expected to produce with no impact to motivational triggers. How does the initiative help the field?
  • No Ownership– Who owns the new initiative? Reps, Managers, Leadership? You have to have clear role definition for the initiatives.
  • Not Enough Time– Your reps have to make a decision every Monday. How do they allocate time between selling and non-selling activities? Tip the scale the wrong way and watch the initiative fall down the list.
  • Flavor of the Month– Every year new initiatives are rolled out with a high failure rate. Why would the team care about this one? What is different this time?


A Customized Approach Works

Front line sales leaders are the driving force behind successful adoption of sales initiatives. Your perceived commitment or lack of will set the tone for behavioral change. Let’s explore what is a Customized Sales Adoption Plan? What does it do? In addition, what does it mean to use it?


What is a Customized Sales Adoption Plan? It is a way to drive new initiatives to achieve the sales objectives.


What does a Customized Sales Adoption Plan do?  A Customized Sales Adoption Plan ensures that sales initiatives succeed.


What does it mean to use a Customized Sales Adoption Plan? Using a Customized Sales Adoption plan means sales initiatives are embraced not resisted.


When executing a plan, different actions are required to drive change in the team. If done successfully you will have developed the framework for future success. Below are just a few of the upsides.


  • Predictable Success- Develop a plan focused on observable behavior, leading and lagging indicators. You now have the ability to deploy a plan across other sales initiatives. The Customized Sales Adoption Plan can help you get started.
  • Productivity Improves- Most initiatives can be disruptive to a team. With proper planning, you can help your team acquire new skill capabilities. These new skills can help accelerate productivity.
  • Morale Improves- Inject fun into your initiatives. All sales people are competitive and want to have fun. This surely creates the level of engagement you need to drive adoption.


Next Steps

Leadership has determined that change is necessary. The priorities have been set from the first day. The problem is that you do not have an execution plan. As a front line sales leader, sustainability in the field is left to you. You can control your own destiny by downloading the Customized Sales Adoption Plan.


Andrew Urteaga

Helps motivate clients to design and implement new sales and marketing strategies so that they stay on track to make their number.

Clients describe Andrew as an industry thought leader. He has deep experience as an executive, having served in multiple positions as a sales leader, with a track record of outstanding performance in F500 companies.


Prior to joining SBI, Andrew held the position of VP of Sales at Avis Budget Group where he was responsible for sales and marketing leadership. He also held a variety of positions with Cintas Corporation, a Fortune 500 multi-national company, including key quota carrying positions in the sales force from sales rep through to executive leadership.


Andrew’s work has included everything from lead generation, campaign planning and sales process to designing complete sales management coaching programs and new compensation plans.

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