Leverage Ideal Customer Profile Data to Prioritize Your Sales and Marketing Efforts



On this week’s SBI Insider Podcast we discuss the topic of how to leverage your Ideal Customer Profile. Your company’s Ideal Customer Profile can be quantitatively defined, documented, and leveraged to better prioritize sales and marketing efforts. This gives you the opportunity to point your resources at the highest potential accounts and prospects. 


The emerging best practice is to define the Ideal Customer Profile through regular account segmentation data refreshes.  The short-term benefit is to stop sales and marketing from targeting the wrong accounts.


Joining me in this discussion is my colleague Dan Perry, a Principal at SBI. Together we discuss how to allocate resources by leveraging a quantified ideal customer profile (ICP).  Listen as we explain how to properly use data from your ideal customer profile to make key decisions. 


Dan Perry and Eric Estrella


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We begin the episode by explaining how to clearly define the ideal profile of a customer and prospect. This effort includes identifying the characteristics of an account that values your solution.  The result defines what good looks like to identify your best accounts and their attributes. 


This 34-minute podcast guides you step by step how to determine account potential. This is done by quantifying revenue potential at the account level with historical performance inside similar accounts. 


Finally, we’ll cover what to do with all the information you have gathered. We share scenarios for how this data is used to guide your sales and marketing efforts at the ideal accounts. 


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Eric Estrella

Helps clients grow by creating innovative go-to-market strategies.

Eric specializes in helping clients solve some of the most prevalent go-to-market problems in today’s complex selling world. He is an expert in many industries including software, telecommunications, ecommerce, manufacturing and technology. He helps them align strategies and develop go-to-market programs to lower the cost of customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value.


Recently he developed corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies for an emerging telecommunications solution provider that resulted in a quadrupling of revenue and EBITA in two-year span.


Eric’s background in strategy, sales operations and enablement allows him to provide thought-leadership in emerging best practices in sales and marketing.

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