In many cases, we are faced with decreasing demand, stagnant industry growth, and even with the lack of new product innovation.   So, how can a sales manager feed a stagnant rep and territory with new prospects?


Territory Design with Linkedin

LinkedIn has the potential to provide a tremendous amount of new business opportunities.  It must be a key input to your organization’s territorial lead generation process.  The following details three reasons why you should use LinkedIn to bolster your territorial potential:


  1. LinkedIn has over 80M business professionals who have opted in to the service.  It is crucial that you do not under estimate the significance of the fact that these leaders chose to opt in.  This action signifies the fact that they wish to get found, both by recruiters, new business contacts, and even businesses supplying new services and products.   Use this to your advantage.  Contact these professionals.
  2. LinkedIn allows you to precisely filter for and target the company type and the job role to which you sell.
  3. LinkedIn is also useful as a tool to find new avenues of access to potential prospects and contacts.  Perhapys you have targeted that white elephant prospect for years, but have never been able to get the elusive first meeting.  Use LinkedIn to find mutual contacts that can connect you to that key buyer.  Perhaps a former co-worker or friend knows someone in the prospect organization.   These contacts can open the door for you.  People would much rather work with a mutual friend or contact that they can trust.  The LinkedIn in contact mechanism creates instant credibility.  View connections up to three degrees deep and use the introduction feature to make contact.

A detailed sales analysis framework utilizing LinkedIn will allow you to fully maximize your territory potential.


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