The right software can make a huge difference in the quality of your organization’s territory structure, and the total time required to do the work.  Picking the right tool is important if you are a sales operations manager, or sales manager designing territories for your own team. 


When performing territory optimization and design for a relatively small sales force, you might find that the fairly basic Microsoft MapPoint program is sufficient. 


  • MapPoint software allows you to quickly and efficiently turn Excel or database information into informative visual maps.
  • It also allows you to see heat maps that indicate prospect density.
  • Finally, MapPoint facilitates trip routing and turn by turn directions for reps based in denser territories.


MapPoint Screenshot:


sales analysis territory design software


However, for many situations, MapPoint is not enough.  At the end of the day, it is simply a visual representation of the territories you have already selected.  A far more powerful option is a territory design product called ProAlign, sold by Mapping Analytics. 


ProAlign Screenshot:


sales territory design software


ProAlign allows you to perform much more complex and sophisticated territory design techniques, including the following:


  • Optimization or balancing of territories.  ProAlign will actually dynamically and automatically calculate an optimal territory based upon a variety of input variables.
  • Another powerful capability is that it allows users to literally “grab” a territory boundary and drag it into another territory.  The new prospect and customer counts will automatically recalculate for each territory, increasing your ability to make fast decisions.
  • Creating multiple scenarios is easy, as exhibited above.  The user simply inputs the number of territories they desire.  This is a crucial capability when determining how to staff out different regions of the country.
  • Many different design constraints like geographic radius and driving radius are available.
  • In addition to this, the user can enter specific states or zip codes that should not be covered by your sales team (driven by a channel conflict or other business requirements).
  • By simply using point and click functionality, a sales manager can determine the customer base, the amount of annual sales, and count of prospects in a specific patch.
  • Territory design can be based upon both customer and prospects, while balancing the unique weights and requirements of these critical design inputs.


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