In SBI’s annual research tour, Social Selling is specifically discussed. This tactic (among others) will be explored in depth. Sign up here for the onsite session. Also, download the Twitter Prospecting Guide. This guide provides the following benefits:


  • Understand how to combine the power of LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Determine the value of the links you share
  • Qualify your potential Buyers using LinkedIn



4 Steps to Use Twitter for Modern Prospecting

LinkedIn and Twitter are the foundations of modern prospecting. The illustrations and steps listed below outline the process. 


1. Share a link via LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter if you write your own article or share someone else’s. What is important is how you share. Write a comment that is unique and searchable. If you share this article, for example, add your own words with the link. This gives you the ability to find the link later in Twitter.


2. Search for your unique comments and link in Twitter. Many LinkedIn users link their accounts to Twitter. What they share on LinkedIn is therefore shared on Twitter. The day after you share your link, search for it on Twitter. This is your opportunity to find out who those users are. How do you find them? Put quotations around the phrase you want to search. This will return all related tweets. Now you can see who liked and shared your thoughts. They have expressed interest in your ideas.


3. Qualify in LinkedIn those who shared your link. When you look at who shared your link, search for them in LinkedIn. Are they in your network? Are they a first, second, or third degree connection? What is their title? Do they potentially have a need for your product?


4. Connect on LinkedIn. Send a personalized message to each qualified lead. The fact they shared your link is a compelling reason to connect. Discuss your shared interest and set up a brief call. This is your foot in the door. You have prospected now you must successfully set an appointment.


Keep in mind, this is a daily effort. To establish yourself as a thought leader, you must share insights every day. Grow your network and continue to share. As you do this, your network will be more compelled to share your insights. You can ultimately become a successful prospector using this tactic. You set up appointments that convert to revenue. This is how you become a top Sales Rep and exceed your competition. Reference this article and the Twitter Prospecting Guide to direct your effort.


social selling


social selling



Dan Bernoske

Develops innovative revenue growth solutions and designs the SBI client experience.

Prior to SBI, Dan held business development, sales, and product management leadership positions at several start-up companies, developing Apple iOS platforms and E-Commerce-based social networks. Most notably, Dan was co-founder of Video Lantern, an online video advertising sales and operations firm. He is Six Sigma certified from GE.

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