Speakers: Kristen McClain | Greg Alexander, SBI



Newly hired human resource leaders face many challenges and opportunities. In those first few months, how these new leaders manage this transition makes the difference between success and failure. Listen here as we discuss the critical success factors for chief human resource officers. It is an interview with Kristen McClain, CHRO at Barcodes Inc. Barcodes Inc. is North America’s leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, point of sale and RFID products and solutions. Kristen is new to her role and shares her experience and insight regarding setting the HR strategy. 


During the show, Kristen will discuss topics such as:


  • Aligning the HR strategy with the CEO’s corporate strategy.
  • How the HR strategy should reflect the sales strategy.
  • How to build hiring profiles for the sales department.
  • Assessing, hiring, and onboarding sales talent.


As a newly appointed head of HR, you cannot blow your honeymoon period. It is your chance to set the tone for how human resources is viewed inside the company. Listen as Kristen explains how to elevate the HR department from tactical contributor to strategic differentiator. By listening, CHRO’s will understand how to accelerate the rate of revenue growth by partnering effectively with the sales leader.