Greg Clark, Chief Marketing Officer for Caliber Collisions, details his success in the life-cycle of customer acquisition, why it's important, and what it means for accelerated growth.


Joining us for today’s show is Greg Clark, the Chief Marketing Officer for Caliber Collision Centers. Greg’s audience consists of B2C consumers as well as B2B audiences. Greg has built the Caliber brand to embrace the customer through the entire life-cycle of customer acquisition. Listen as we dive deep into Greg’s success in the life-cycle of customer acquisition, why it’s important, and what it means for accelerated growth.


Greg answers questions out of SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to provide an in-depth view into embracing your customer through the customer acquisition lifecycle.


Today we are going to demonstrate customer reputation and management. If you prefer to watch the interview in HD video on SBI TV, click here. Or download the full interview transcript in an MS Word document here.


Why are these such important topics? As a consulting firm who studies the best practices of thriving companies who outperform their competitors and industry, we find that B2B companies lag behind B2C companies in adopting marketing best practices. To leapfrog the competition, you must study what B2C companies are doing and find ways to implement aspects of their marketing strategy into your own. I have a great guest to guide us through our topic since Greg has both B2C and B2B audiences, and has mastered the topic. 


In this first segment we will focus on wrapping our heads around the definition of customer reputation and management and why you should care. Greg defines customer reputation and management and answers the question: How is customer reputation and management different and/or complementary? He goes on to share his view of the entire customer lifecycle, and how customer reputation and management is relevant throughout that lifecycle.


The second segment will seek to answer the questions: How do you leverage a great customer reputation to develop referrals from your advocates? And: How do you leverage customer satisfaction to win over more customers? Greg goes on to advise the audience on how to uncover early signs of trouble to proactively address reputation issues. And share with the audience what customer reputation management looks for Caliber.


The final segment of the show describes how to measure reputation effectiveness. Greg details, from a practical standpoint, what resources in terms of headcount and program budget should be allocated to perform customer reputation and management. As well as giving advice to B2B CMO’s on how to implement Customer Reputation and Management, he building blocks to put in place in year one, and what does the program look like as you increase levels of maturity in consecutive years.


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