Only strong talent and the right performance conditions provide a winning formula for revenue growth.

Once the functional strategies are developed, Talent must be prepared to provide “A” players who can execute them.


But even after HR finds key candidates, the new hires still have to be brought up to speed on the company’s best practices and year-round goals. This process needs to be as swift and seamless as possible. Otherwise, resources will go to waste and KPIs will be missed.


This is why it’s crucial for Talent to have onboarding and development plans in place.


As SBI discovered, top-performing organizations organize their Talent Strategies across various different phases, including profiling, assessing, sourcing, and hiring. On-boarding and talent development are just two cogs in the Talent wheel. But they are vital ones, and they can make or break your organization depending on how you execute them.


Here’s how best-in-class companies are onboarding and developing new talent.


Download our A Player Sales Competency Tool to receive aid in assessing your Sales Organization to Emerging Best Practices.


Position Mentors to Help Fresh Talent with the Ramp-Up Process. Onboarding to Beat the Clock.


Your biggest challenge is that you need to reduce the time between bringing new hires on and making them productive. With a solid onboarding strategy, you can close that gap significantly.


By providing new Product, Marketing and Sales leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to perform.


Your team must be able to clearly identify who is responsible for creating these onboarding plans and monitoring them to make sure new hires are on pace. Furthermore, you need to position mentors to help fresh talent with the ramp-up process.


When developing your Talent Strategy, you will also get a grasp on how long it should take to prepare a new hire in each department.


Still, the process doesn’t end there.


Developing Talent To Make The Number


Onboarding may be a one-time phase for most new hires. But talent development is constantly executed. After all, the market and competition continue to evolve, so key players must always be up to date on the changing landscape


To make sure everyone is on the right page, Talent must produce an Individual Development Plan for each member of the revenue growth team. These plans will help each person enforce behaviors that are working well and correct those that aren’t.


Just having an annual talent review process in place is not sufficient. Because it doesn’t provide for organizations to come together and gradually manage performance. And these reviews usually only include a few top company members. For truly successful talent development, everyone must be involved—from HR and Sales Enablement to middle management and individual contributors.


Of course, to bring all of these teams and positions together, your organization’s strategies must be aligned. Only then will you be set up to make the number in 2016. As SBI learned, top-performing companies prepare for the year ahead with a specific, yet learnable process. Register for our consultation workshop today, and we’ll combine our research with your company’s needs to ensure success.

Download our A Player Sales Competency Tool to receive aid in assessing your Sales Organization to Emerging Best Practices.



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