You, the sales and marketing leader, have a tough job.  “Making the Number” is hard work. 


Sometimes you need a little inspiration. One way to get inspired is to read success stories.  Stories about people who have overcome the challenges you are dealing with are especially inspirational.   


Here are a few success stories.  I call them work samples.  They are artifacts from the successful projects we have completed recently.  Take a look. I hope they make you feel good. 


  • Here is a story from Ryan.  If you have too many things to do, and not enough time to do them, read this.
  • George provided us a story about implementing a sales process. If you have a small number of reps bringing in the majority of the revenue, read this.
  • If you need for your reps to be calling on the accounts with the most potential, read this.  Scott details how to calculate account potential.
  • This story, from Steve, talks about figuring out the correct coverage model.
  • In this story, Eric helped a sales ops director go from 70 hrs/week to 50 hrs/week.  If you are working too many hours, check it out.
  • If you need more leads, read this story from Drew.


If you liked these, and want more, check out our team page.  Click on a bio picture and scroll down to the credentials section. You will see a subheading titled “Work Samples”. These are artifacts from inspirational projects.  There are 40 to choose from. 


If you really want to be inspired, reach out to some of our people.  Just under the success stories are the email addresses and phone numbers of each person.  They would enjoy speaking to you so don’t be bashful. Give them a ring or send them a note. 


Extra Credit

For those of you who sit in the front row and raise your hand, I have something for you.  Here are 100+ one page sales & marketing case studies.  Not everyone wants to study this much, but you do.  Knock yourself out.  If you want to talk to the teams who completed these projects go here.


Always remember, you can do this.  You can make the number.


Good luck.