Speakers: Rob Lips | Greg Alexander, SBI



On this week’s SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast we spoke with Rob Lips, Vice President of U.S. Sales and Channel Marketing at Intuit. Rob lead sales, channel marketing and analytics across Intuit’s retail, e-tail, inside sales, resellers, OEMs and financial Institutions.  He is responsible for developing integrated channel strategies and marketing plans to maximize sales for a +$900M business with a team of over 500 people.


The topic of this week’s podcast is Product Launch and Messaging. Most sales leaders are carrying a big number tied to new products just launched or soon to be launched. However, research is finding that product launches are failing at an alarming rate. Compelling messaging is mission critical. Without it sales people will struggle selling the new product.


Buyers make a purchase decision based on emotion and justify the purchase based on logic. Listen as Rob explains how he develops messaging and storytelling to connect emotionally with customers and prospects.


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During the episode, Rob will answer these questions with Intuit as a use case:

  • How do you enable sales to bring to light the real life problems your customers are looking to solve?
  • How do you involve sales people in the product launch message development and story creation?
  • How are you connecting with customers and buyers emotionally as opposed to logic through the power of storytelling?
  • How do you use storytelling to defeat the status quo?
  • How do you inject urgency into your storytelling and messaging framework?
  • How do you publish storytelling to the sales team and make sure that they’re trained on how to deliver?


Listen to Rob walk you through the messaging and storytelling approach based on his experience of successfully launching many products.  Success requires sales reps to defeat the status quo. Rob explains how to develop and roll-out messaging where sales can tell stories about somebody else who in a similar situation took the plunge, and how they used your products and services to get to a better outcome. This approach gives the buyer confidence that they should as well.


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