Sales Ops Leader Delivering Results

Who do you turn to for help?


  1. Regional Sales Leaders?
  2. Human Resources?
  3. CFO?
  4. VP of Sales Operations?


If you answered anything other than #4, revisit the value your Sales Operations Leader is providing. If you have a world class Sales Ops Leader, you’ll know that this is your first and best resource.


How can you tell if you have a world class Sales Operations Leader? Take this quick test:




What is your Sales Operations Leader doing today? Is he bringing value to your organization? And by that I mean, is he actively contributing? Because he needs to be. Every day.


What your Sales Ops Leader Shouldn’t Be Doing

Often, Sales Ops Leaders become the guy that gets bogged down in time-consuming day-to-day activities. These activities are generally more passive, and don’t do nearly as much to actively more the company forward. This is the case if you answered “yes” to questions 1-5. For instance:


  • Excessive forecasting and monitoring of sales performance
  • Focusing on lagging indicators
  • Sitting behind the desk (lack of field time)
  • Administering compensation plans
  • Researching competitor actions
  • Not a “doer”
  • Etc…


It’s great to have someone managing these tasks. But that someone cannot be your Sales Ops Leader. It can make the difference between your business getting out ahead of the competition or hanging back with the pack.


What your Sales Ops Leader Should Be Doing

Chances are, you are very busy on a day-to-day basis. As a result, you need someone out in front of you as the eyes and ears to see what lies ahead. That someone needs to be able to think at a high level. He must be able to contribute to more tactical-type activities. He must be able to take part in strategic planning.


This is the role your Sales Ops Leader should be filling. For example, he should be able to provide beneficial, foundational contributions, such as:


  • Sales Strategy:
    1) Creating a Sales Process that Correlates to Buyer’s Journey,
    2) “Operationalizes” Marketing Materials (Personas, Blogs, Webinars, Etc.)
    Has an “eye” for detecting strategic growth opportunities


  • Creating ‘A’ Players:
    Identifies areas / situations where technology can enhance productivity – and makes it happen
    2) Conducts CRM Workshops
    3) Rep Ride-Alongs


  • Create / Maintain Sales Infrastructure:
    CRM Tool Usage and Adoption
    2) Focus on Qualified Lead Conversion, Closing Rate, Sales Cycle Length, etc


    3) Understands Big Data and how to leverage it for insights and organization advancement


  • Tracking, Measuring, and Managing New Revenue Opportunities


  • Engages and influences Senior Leaders across the organization


Your Sales Ops Leader doesn’t need to be sitting behind his desk, running another forecast. He needs to be in charge of optimizing these crucial tasks for your organization. This is what a Sales Ops Leader is really for, but many organizations lose sight of this in the fog of the day-to-day grind.


How to Leverage Your Sales Ops Leader to Help You Make Your Number

If your Sales Ops Leader isn’t doing the right jobs day in and day out, whose fault is that? Probably yours.


It’s your responsibility to get your talent aligned properly so that they are providing the most value to the organization. Not only does the right talent need to be hired initially, but that talent then needs to be pointed in the right direction. Misdirected talent can cost your organization thousands of dollars in wasted effort.


Talent Management is a crucial part of running a world-class operation. If you are unsure of how to properly direct your Sales Ops Leader, it’s imperative that you solve this problem as soon as possible.


SBI has a team of talented experts who can help with these issues. We can help by:


  1. Assessing your current talent – Do you have the right Sales Ops leader?
  2. Examining Day-to-Day Roles – Is your Sales Ops Leader performing the right tasks?
  3. Evaluate Strategy of Roles – Is your plan for the future role of your Sales Ops Leader one that can yield success?
  4. Performing a Scorecard Analysis, identifying areas of weakness and/or opportunity to help get you on the right track. Choose to become world class. Get a copy of the scorecard template at our Make The Number event here.


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What does your Sales Ops Leader do on a day-to-day basis? Can you get more out of him? It could make all the difference.


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