Sales Compensation and Human Capital resized 600

  1. Finding top sales talent
  2. Making new hires productive quickly
  3. The quality of the existing sales team


In the eyes of CEOs, it’s people who generate results. When it comes to sales compensation, the CEO looks at sales as an investment….and he wants a return!  


Recently, Matt Sharrers explained how to assess your proficiency in hiring ‘A’ players and ensuring they are successful quickly. If you haven’t accessed these tools, you can find them here and here.


Now, what about the people already in the job? Are you getting a return on your investment? How can you tell? Look at the facts.


Before continuing, use this Sales Rep ROI Benchmark Calculator available for free download to calculate your return on investment for both sales reps and sales managers.




How’d you do?


Based on the results, there are 3 implications to consider for sales reps:


  1. Replace – An ROI of