Keeping your brand consistent is a key factor in success. It is critical that your sales team keeps your brand image and messaging consistent throughout the sale process.

What is your company’s Brand Image? If we asked everyone in marketing would we get the same answer? What kind of answers would we get from the sales team? Most importantly, what answer would we get from your customer? These are questions every marketing leader asks themselves.


If you are in fact asking these questions, you are not alone. We hear this time and time again when working with our clients. Keeping your brand consistent is difficult and takes a lot of work. It’s even harder when the organization is struggling to hit its number.

However, with the right plan in place, you can make sure that your brand is communicated consistently and accurately. To do this, you must create clear direction and alignment. Take a look at the questions below and the Brand Consistency Question Guide to see if you are setup for success.




Many times, marketing and sales are not communicating the same thing to customers and prospects. Marketing tells them one thing and sales tells them something completely different. As a marketing leader you must provide clear direction to sales leaders and reps around brand strategy, image and positing.


  • When was the last time you shared the brand strategy, image and positing with your sales counterparts?
  • When did you last ask the sales team about how your brand is being received in the market place?
  • Have you ever asked the sales team to collect customer / prospect feedback on brand perception?


If you cannot answer “yes” or “recently” to the questions above. Your brand perception in the market place may not be what you think it is.




Many marketing organizations provide training and collateral when it comes to product features, benefits, new product launches, etc. But when was the last time you provided training around your brand position and/or brand promise?


  • During on-boarding do you provide training on your company’s brand image or brand promise?
  • When was the last time you trained or reviewed your brand promise or brand strategy with your sales counterparts?
  • Have you created marketing collateral for your brand?


How Can Your Sales Team Effectively Communicate and Uphold Your Brand If You Have Not Trained on It?


Tools: Far too often sales tools are complicated and not frequently used by sales teams. Are you providing your sales counterparts with the tools they need to represent the brand you have built?


  • Does the sales team have a standard presentation template?
  • Does the sales team know what color palette and logo to use during presentations?
  • Does the sales team have branded apparel?


These are basic questions that every marketing leader should ask of themselves and their teams. Small things like logos, color pallets and presentation templates go a long way in helping keep your brand consistent.


Building a brand is not easy and it does not happen overnight.


To hear firsthand how a company transformed their brand and got their salesforce engaged while doing it, check out this SBI Podcast. In this podcast, Brendan Cournoyer, VP of Marketing for Brainshark. shares his tried and true process for developing a new, inspiring brand and launching that new brand both externally and internally, to get the sales force engaged. Skip to the 13-minute mark of the video to watch how Brendan explains his process for rebranding and successfully marketing this new brand.


If you are in the process of re-branding, you should watch SBI’s interview with Stephanie Ciccarelli, Co-founder and Chief Brand Office of In this interview Stephanie shares how she used the power of re-branding to outperform the competition. In the interview with Matt Sharrers, CEO of SBI, Stephanie demonstrates how to create an inspiring brand that tells a strategic story.


To learn how effective your current marketing strategy is, and where you may need to focus more attention, take SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology. This self-assessment helps CMOs:


  1. Understand the strength of their current brand strategy
  2. Determine whether they are communicating with the right buyers through the right channels
  3. Facilitate discussions with the Executive Leadership team on the importance and value of creating a strong compelling brand and message


Download the Brand Consistency Question Guide to evaluate questions to see if you are setup for success, to make sure that your brand is communicated consistently and accurately, and to create clear direction and alignment for your brand.



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