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Let’s consider the following example/assumptions to determine the possible impact to your bottom line:


  • Each key account team consists of 5 full time or dedicated team members
  • You have 5 key account teams
  • Each key account team member has 2000 hours of selling time available per year
  • Industry specific ideal state: 1500 actual selling hours (75%)
  • Actual selling time 1125 hours
  • Average key account rep salary $150,000 / year
  • Average annual Key Account sales per rep $1M ($5M per account)
  • Average sales per hour/rep: $889, per hour/account: $4,445




  • 375 hours of lost selling time / rep / key account team
  • Total lost selling hours: 9,375 hours (25 reps x 375)
  • Lost sales opportunity: $1.67M/account or $8.33M




      • Perform a time study on each Key Account Team
      • Reduce or eliminate non-selling activity
      • Shift and lift required non-selling activity to a lower cost support resource
      • Analyze customer spend: are you already getting everything you could from the account? If yes, consider whether you require 5 head count on that account


Solution benefits:


    • Increased sales of $1.67M per account or $8.33M for all 5 Key Accounts in this example
    • Increased selling time: 9,375 hours (equal to 8.33 head count under the current

selling hours)

  • Worst case: reduced cost of sales


Key takeaways:


  • Understand actual selling time in your Key Account Management Program
  • Role corruption is killing most sales organizations but the solution is straight forward and within your sights
  • Start with a time study
  • Ask yourself, do I know the actual selling time per Key Account rep?


In my next post we’ll discuss the importance of team chemistry within your Key Account Management program.


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