Building a Key Account Management ProgramOver the last few months we’ve discussed everything from hiring key account managers to how to implement a key account program but for now, let’s assume you don’t have a program in place but have made the decision to develop one.


There are four primary steps to building a Key Account Program:


  1. Develop the Key Account Sales Strategy
  2. Develop the Key Account Go-To-Market Plan
  3. Design the Key Account Sales Force
  4. Build the Infrastructure to support the Key Account Program


Step 1: Key Account Sales Strategy


  • Select your Key Accounts utilizing the Key Account selection criteria / segmentation analysis outlined here
  • Define the Account Development program outlined on my previous posts on 4/11, 4/24, 5/7 & 5/20
  • Map the Key Account buying process and align / adjust your sales process accordingly
    • A stakeholder wheel/decision tree/steering committee analysis is a must
    • Understanding who and how decisions are made within the Key Account is critical to the program’s success


Step 2: Key Account Go-To-Market Plan


  • Select and define the various channels that support your customers buying processes (assume there are multiple buyers, which means you’ll have multiple sales processes)
  • Example: If you’re selling a solution set into Ford, you may OEM some product but also sell direct. You may have a national accounts program but also leverage various distributors across the country. Identify them all and map out the Go-to-Market plan for each


Step 3: Design the Sales Structure


  • Develop your sizing and structure model based on the alignment of resources across the entire account. Leverage the Diamond structure approach and avoid the Bow-Tie approach
  • Develop your Key Account resource sizing model.
  • Review the Key Account roles and responsibilities outlined here.


Step 4: Key Account Infrastructure



Key Take away:

Have a plan and don’t suck, Key Account Management is a lift equal to the reward, see successful case study #1 here.


There are a lot of resources linked on this post – leave a comment below if you have any questions.  


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