Key Account Management Team

You recognize them by the following:


  • Comments like “I tried that it won’t work”, “we’re different it won’t work” “we’ve been doing this for years, why change”
  • It’s the negative person or persons, always pointing out the problem but never providing a solution (the sniper)
  • They’re very comfortable telling everyone how bad their shop is even though his/her shop is a mess (the deflection approach)
  • They instill fear in the team, preventing anyone from providing an idea that might help solve of problem or grow the business (instilling fear or bullying the team)


It reminds me of George Carlin’s bit on stuff “my stuff is stuff but your stuff is shit”


Definition of Team: A group of people organized to work together


Within any Key Account Management team or organization, there is no room for anyone that takes away from the team approach. Our goal, as discussed in my blog (avoiding the Bow-tie approach) is resource alignment from top to bottom within the Key Account. One team member with the attitude defined above destroys what others have taken years to establish.


When you look back, was there ever a TEAM that was truly built to work together like the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team? There may have been more skilled players available at the time but they didn’t fit the team coach Herb Brooks built. Think about the risk Herb Brooks took when he made the decision, as nearly everyone questioned his decision.


My question for you is what was the best team you ever worked in and why? If not that, which sports team optimizes their team like the 1980 US Olympic team?


I’ll start; I already listed my #1. A close second was the 2004 Boston Red Sox (the Idiots). Work wise, the culture and team environment at Sales Benchmark Index has been one of my best teams in my 25+ years; what about you and why was the team great?


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John Staples

Leads teams of highly qualified experts, all relentless in their pursuit of helping you make your number.

John is the global leader of SBI’s account management business unit. As such, he and his team help clients across 19 verticals drive top line growth and operational efficiency in sales and marketing.


John’s marketing, sales and product expertise span a multichannel strategic approach. He has an unyielding focus on strategic and key account development, which enables strategic alignment between all functional team members in order to reduce acquisition cost and increase lifetime value.


His broad experience in sales, marketing, product and engineering allows him to bring a unique problem solving approach to his team and clients. As he has discovered through decades of experience, clients are often distracted by the symptoms of a larger problem and overlook the root cause of it.


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