While many businesses are claiming “force majeure,” it is important to consider the impact our economic environment will have on your salespeople.  This pandemic will prevent business as usual for many companies.  Of all your employees, this has a disproportionate effect on your sales professionals, as a significant portion of their pay is based on their quota performance.  Given these headwinds are 100% outside of your seller’s control, leadership must intervene to maintain motivation during this time of uncertainty.


We’ve created the cheat sheet below to help you determine the best path forward for quota relief.



Chris Gosline

Challenges the status-quo to accelerate profitable revenue-growth.

Prior to joining SBI, Chris spent nearly a decade in management consulting, focused on revenue growth. He specializes in sales strategy & execution; including, account segmentation, sales coverage models, resource deployment & sizing, job design, competency models, sales compensation, and quotas. Prior to management consulting, Chris he worked in financial services, where managed a portfolio of structured loan products, and undertook several cross-functional, revenue-enhancing projects within GE Capital. Recently, Chris led the sales model integration of two PE-backed healthcare IT companies. This included product-portfolio rationalization, opportunity-based account segmentation, development of a cohesive go-to-market model, right-sizing sales roles, and expanding use of digital sales. Engagement resulted in accelerated revenue growth, at a reduced cost of sales.

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