This month, SBI.TV moderates the debate between “street smarts” and “book smarts.” We have gathered two panels of experts for a stimulating conversation about hitting the number in 2016. The experts include:


Heads of Sales:


  • Todd Cione, Chief Revenue Officer of Rackspace, who oversees marketing and sales globally.
  • Mark Ellis, Senior Vice President of Sales at Time, Inc, one of the world’s leading media companies.
  • Tony Capucille, Chief Sales Officer of Heartland Payment Systems, one of the largest payment processors in the U.S.


SBI Partners:


  • John Staples, whose clients include some of the world’s top companies, expert at creating performance conditions that allow sales teams to win.
  • Dan Perry, expert in the area of talent management, including sourcing, interviewing, selecting, onboarding and developing top sales and marketing talent.



This experienced and highly successful group of leaders answer and debate key questions about sales success posed by actual SBI audience members. Listen in as they discuss how they have handled issues in their own roles working with top-performing companies.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why getting your sales managers coaching is so critical to your 2016 success.
  • A surprising and candid view of SKOs (sales kick-offs) within top companies.
  • The “hunter mentality” sales reps need to be successful developing their own leads.
  • Exactly how to use LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads.
  • How to get process improvements pushed through – whether you’re a top-level leader or a sales rep.
  • The keys to hiring the right sales ops talent.
  • How social selling has improved candidate quality, and the #1 tool you need to recruit top talent.
  • How the use of mobile devices can improve sales – and how one company’s big investment in mobile turned out to be a very profitable move.


You won’t want to miss the fascinating conversation that happens when these heads of sales and expert SBI partners take the stage together. You’ll come away with actionable insight that will help you hit — and beat — your number in 2016.


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