Know your buyers information needs


Personas and buying process maps (BPMs) are now commonplace. Not that long ago they gave you a competitive edge.


Not anymore. But there may still be untapped potential in your BPMs that you can leverage to gain a competitive advantage.


The best BPMs cover three important elements: the buying phase, key buyer actions, and micro-questions. Most BPMs stop short of the third element. But micro-questions are the key to unlocking exactly what the buyer is concerned with at each step in the process. Creating a BPM without tapping into the power of microquestions is a waste of time in today’s marketplace.


Micro-questions capture the aspects of a purchase decision that the buyer needs to resolve before they move to the next phase of the buying process. Without this understanding, sales and marketing teams commonly risk accelerating the buying process prematurely. They advance the process before they’ve resolved the buyer’s concerns.


How do you determine the micro-questions for each step in the buying process? Ask. Conduct a series of interviews with buyers. Discover and document the questions, concerns, fears, uncertainties, and doubts they have.


Investing in micro-questions gives you an advantage throughout the buying process. Marketing teams use them to develop more focused content. Sales reps use them to better prepare for each sales call. And the buyer is more satisfied with the sales process knowing their concerns are being addressed along the way.


It’s as if you’re reading their mind.


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