Demand generation is the set of activities that drive inquiries. Without sufficient inquiries there is nothing to nurture, nothing for Lead Development Reps to advance to a lead.  Demand Generation is where it all starts, yet few B2B companies have the capability to execute Lead Generation.  


It is common for companies to get excited about Marketing Automation and CRM technology without first assessing their team’s ability to implement.  Marketing Automation will automate beautifully.   But what is automated if your team doesn’t have the strategic skillsets and tactical capacity to execute?


Assessing Your Demand Generation Team for Lead Generation

Perform analysis of your team by reviewing the Tactical and Strategic capabilities of your resources. 


Step 1: Review the capabilities that are required to support your business.


Step 2: Analyze your staff, support staff, and any budgeted outsource partners that serve your business.  Carefully consider if they have the skillset to implement AND the time/budget available to execute.


Step 3: Assess the capability based on a score of 1, 2, or 3 as shown in the key below:


lead generation marketing automation


  • Gulf or “Difficult” is selected when there is a significant lack of skill, little experience and/or limited effort hours.
  • Gap or “Doable” is assigned when there is a moderate level of skill that requires additional training, or in cases where the effort hours available is limited for implementation.
  • Aligned or “In Place” means there is an alignment of skill, experience and availability of effort hours.


Demand Gen TACTICAL Capabilities


  • Capability
  • Description
  • Staff Allocation
  • Assessment
  • Messaging & Creative Development


External messaging to drive awareness, interest and response.  Requires creative headlines, persuasive content, and attention grabbing creative strategy.


  • Insert
  • Staff or Outsource Partner
  • Insert
  • Score
  • Field Marketing


Implementation of tradeshows, webinars, & conferences to drive 1:1 engagement — Integration of lead sourcing processes.

  • Website and Landing Pages
  • Management of effective content and campaign destination landing pages.
  • Social Media Management
  • Manage content updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Direct Marketing
  • Creative development of Email and/or Direct Mail to drive interaction and inquiries.
  • Content Authoring and Layout
  • Develop content that informs, educates and motivates the prospect through the stages of the buying journey
  • Tracking Code Implementation
  • Manage tracking codes and implementation into campaign elements


Demand Gen STRATEGIC Capabilities


  • Capability
  • Description
  • Marketing
  • Assessment
  • DemandGen Marketing  Strategy


Integrated strategy to drive early stage interaction and generate inquiries.


  • Insert
  • Staff or Outsource Partner
  • Insert
  • Score
  • Field Marketing
  • Strategy


Plan national tradeshows, conferences, regional field events, and webinars to drive 1:1 customer engagement and generate leads.


Performance  Metrics


  • Dashboard metrics providing campaign performance and informing continuous improvement.


Campaign Planning


  • Campaign planning tied to the buying lifecycle of the prospect, segmentation and sequencing for effective impressions and ideal frequency.


Comprehensive Media Plan, Performance and Budget


  • Media planning identifies annual schedule, frequency, and budget of advertising (print ads, search keywords, online ads, etc.).  Includes a proforma of campaign metrics that aligns the media buy with lead sourcing projections and ROI.


Campaign Message and Content Development


  • Creation of campaigns that match the Ideal Customer Profile with compelling messaging that resonates with the audience


A/B Testing & Analysis


  • Plan and analyze testing of landing pages, call to actions, banner ads, direct promotional elements, etc.


This assessment provides a comprehensive view of your team’s vital signs for demand generation.   Gaps can be addressed through training and by relying on a trusted firm to support your team.  The Gulfs should be reviewed carefully to make sure any open or future positions are earmarked to fill that gulf. 


In summary, your team’s readiness for success in generating inquiries is a prerequisite for successful Lead Generation.  Before seeking to automate marketing, first build your team and capability to generate leads.


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