More often than not your efforts are going to manufacture leads that are not ready to purchase from you at the initial point of contact.  The activities that transpire immediately thereafter, will however, have an effect on your pipeline further out than the eye can see. 


At the rate of one impression per week, the idea of waiting 8 weeks to see if this lead is going to materialize or not, seems daunting. 


We are all guilty at this point of sending the lead for a ride on the automation express.  Script a few offers, upload some templates, flip the switch and poof!


nov_webinar_cta The lead that you just spent PPC dollars on to convert with targeted campaigns, keyword analysis, and custom landing pages, just received the same email blast that hundreds, if not thousands of your other leads will receive as well.


Although automation maybe required, there are certainly ways to ensure relevance and value are continuously provided over the course of the nurture campaign.


Pay close attention to the digital body language of your leads in order to be more relevant during their journey, as this is just as important as any other sales techniques that you might apply to your leads.


For example, what sorts of keywords were part of the PPC campaign which your lead converted on?  Which landing pages did they convert on? And what types of content did they consume?


The digital body language of your leads, if paid attention to with your lead generation efforts, can help you make every impression as relevant as possible and potentially decrease a lengthy sales cycle.


If someone called me from Best Buy and said, “I know you purchased an IPad 6 weeks ago, we have some great new accessories out now that werent available when you were in the store, would you like to hear about them? (or) Would it be alright if I sent you an email discussing these specific products?”


My answer would be, “yes”.


Instead, I have not received a call, only email blasts, that could very well have a product included in the email that I need, but I don’t even look because I am conditioned to believe they aren’t relevant.


Pay attention to the digital body language of your lead. Align sales and marketing to interpret the preferences, and construct relevant, targeted impressions, to improve your Lead Generation results and achieve your sales goals.


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