Steve King, CRO of Hexagon PPM, joins us to discuss how he redefines the commercial strategy for a legacy company to thrive in today's market.

Legacy companies have been able to withstand nearly every possible economic condition over several decades, and yet even they have had to persevere through new challenges seen this year.


However, companies like Hexagon PPM have not been around for over 50 years by merely surviving difficult circumstances. Through the adversity, they have made their mark by quickly pivoting to market demands in any disruptive climate.


On today’s show, Hexagon PPM CRO, Steve King, joins SBI Managing Director Tony Erickson to discuss how PPM has responded to shifts in the market to thrive while maintaining their growth trajectory.


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Accelerating in Tech-Enabled Services


  1. Prevailing economic uncertainty through diverse projects. minute 3:03
  2. Establishing a foundation for growth that weathers shifting markets. minute 7:35
  3. How Hexagon PPM got back on track to accelerate revenue growth. minute 11:47
  4. Re-imagining Customer Success and LTV. minute 14:31


Skip to minute 19:38 to hear Steve share how he has oriented his team towards a revenue growth culture:


“What they’ve been doing worked because it was a market-leading product in a market that was growing and in that market climate good things happen, but then things changed. And so from a culture standpoint, it was convincing people that we needed to do things differently while respecting what got us to where we are… we have got to identify the behavior and activity metrics and the leading indicators that allow us to celebrate the things we’re seeing that are working along the way.”



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