Mike Carpenter, President of Crowdstrike, joins us to discuss the opportunities for their sales teams since the shift to virtual.

Of all the challenges that sales leaders have faced this past year, effectively evolving field sellers into virtual teams has been one of the most difficult to navigate.


On today’s show, Mike Carpenter, President of Global Sales & Field Operations at CrowdStrike, joins SBI Managing Director Tony Erickson to discuss the strategic pivots Mike has facilitated to better enable their team in a work-from-home environment and the opportunities they have seen since, including:


  • Forming inside sales teams without constraints
  • Increases in customer access
  • A lasting shift in corporate operations


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Executing Strategic Shifts to Outpace the Competition


  1. Embracing dynamic planning to pivot to demands in the marketplace. minute 1:33
  2. Implementing digital tools to enable a work-from-home environment. minute 5:01
  3. Major pivots in response to the disruption in selling motions. minute 6:18
  4. Accessing new markets and buying personas to accelerate. minute 10:43
  5. Unexpected results from new processes. minute 12:20


Skip to minute 7:45 to hear Mike share how the virtual shift allowed them to hold 500 customer meetings in just 100 days:


“Because of the efficiencies that you pick up with not getting in planes, trains, automobiles, hotels, and the whole nine yards, we adjusted it to the virtual piece… It was certainly efficient for the business and really productive for the company. But it is a big shift. And what you also realize is that your customers are going through that as well. And the accessibility of our customers has been amazing. We have a lot of CEOs on those calls and a lot more CIOs than would typically be available.”


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Tony Erickson

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As a Managing Director at SBI, Tony works with CEO’s enabling their companies to outpace the competition. He helps CEOs and their executive teams solve one big problem: as leaders, how do they exceed industry growth rates and capture share from the competition? For twenty years, Tony gained experience in consulting, business operations, sales, marketing, and general management. Prior to SBI, he worked with marquis technology companies focused on consulting and outsourcing; IBM, HP, Accenture, where he held a variety of leadership positions. At those companies, his successes included delivering a record sales performance of $935M, double-digit growth of a $350M P&L and building the fastest growing industry for two consecutive years.


Three years ago, Tony shifted his focus to smaller companies. With SBI, he has consulted with several Private Equity backed companies and served as Chief Operating Officer at a tech-enabled services firm focused on energy management and sustainability.


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